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LEAP under DOS

I would like to enable LEAP authentication for an Aironet client PCMCIA card installed in a DOS based mobile-PC. According to the documentation there is a program called AWCLEAP.EXE - but this is NOT included in the downloadable self-extracting archive available on the Cisco website. According to a document in this archive, AWCLEAP.EXE can only be downloaded from the internal WNBU site - or by partners with a password.

If there is anyone out there with access to this file, can you please post a link to this software OR at least express in this forum how to get this file. I cannot understand why this file would not be made easily available when the utilities to set WEP keys ARE available.

Cisco Employee

Re: LEAP under DOS

If you login via CCO username and passowrd , from the software centre , you can download this file .

Make sure you login in the CCO


New Member

Re: LEAP under DOS

Just so you know, I have been able to get the file - but not from the Cisco website. I do log in with a CCO username and password. The link posted allows you to download the WEPDOS utility and other DOS drivers.

The AWCLEAP.EXE program is NOT included in the bundle referenced in the preceeding post. The bundle DOSDriversv204.exe states in a readme file:

"This utility [AWCLEAP.EXE] is not shipped with the drivers. To obtain it, contact your local Cisco System Engineer."

Perhaps it should be added to the DOS Drivers bundle?



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