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Lightweight APs seeing neighbors several floors above and below each other

Hello All,

I noticed in our PI 2.1 that our access points are seeing neighbors several floors above and below each other.  For example.  I have an AP thats at least 2 floors below ground that's seeing an AP on the 6th floor.  The controller TPC is set to a fix value of 5 on the 2.4 band.  What's even more strange is that the person reporting constant disconnects is on this level below ground but is connected to an AP on the 6th Floor when there's an AP right outside of the door where she is physically located.  Any ideas of what to do or look for?



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Terence,  My recommendation



My recommendation is leave TPC and DCA alone and in auto.  Both TPC and DCA are your friend and it's best to leave them alone so they can help you clean up. 


If you want to control the signal range, best practice is to change the Data Rates.  In my case, I've disabled all data rates from 11 Mbps and below.  I've enable 18 Mbps to Mandatory and the rest are Supported.  If you are still not satisfied, move your Mandatory to a higher value and DO NOT disable any data rates from 12 Mbps and above. 

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Hello Leo,I've only set TPC

Hello Leo,

I've only set TPC to a fixed value and left DCA to dynamic.  Unfortunately, we are in an area where heavy wireless is used by other businesses so there's plenty of interference.  I'm utilizing both 2.4 & 5Ghz bands with client band select enabled.  It's been my experience in our current environment that TPC changes more often than we'd like.  I can change it back and see what happens but do you think this will prevent the APs from seeing neighbor APs that are several floors below?  Thanks!

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I'm utilizing both 2.4 & 5Ghz

I'm utilizing both 2.4 & 5Ghz bands with client band select enabled. 

Post/recommendation INCORRECT.  PLEASE IGNORE.  (I got confused.  Mea culpa.)

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According to a Cisco Wireless

According to a Cisco Wireless engineer, he suggested that we enable band select due to the amount of clients we have on our wireless network.  Most of our clients are on the 2.4Ghz band and we weren't using the A-Radio so it was recommended that we enable the 5Ghz band and use band select in order to try to take the load off the 2.4Ghz band.  You mentioned that it causes problems but what kind of problems?  Will disabling this solve my original issue with APs seeing each other several floors above and/or below?  Thanks!

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I wouldn't blame you if you

I wouldn't blame you if you put a low rating in my previous recommendation about disabling Band Select.  I am wrong.  I got confused with Client Load Balancing.  Client Load Balancing should be disabled.  I am wrong and I apologize for the confusion.


Make sure you choose TPCv1 and NOT v2.  You can set DCA Channel Assignment Method to 24 hours.  This prevents the WLC changing channels regularly.  Make sure when you enable "24-hours" you set this very early or very late in the afternoon so no one is there.  Alternatively, you can reboot the WLC at midnight.

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No worries about the

No worries about the confusion between the band select and load balancing.  I appreciate your feedback.  I'll confirm these settings and make any necessary adjustments then will monitor.  What is the Cisco recommended minimum and maximum dB power thresholds?  Currently they're set to -10 (min) and 30 (max). Also, I failed to mention that I'm using AP groups with RF profiles applied to each AP group.  Thanks!

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