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Link Budget for Aironet 1550EU point-to-multipoint bridge

We have six remote building near our main office. Is it possible to use a single Aironet 1550EU as the root bridge for point-to-multipoint links to six Aironet 1530E on each building? The datasheet for Aironet 1550EU states that it support three 5Ghz antenna and three 2.4 Ghz antenna.

The remote buildings are within 1 km radius of the main building with LOS. We are using the following link budget for our calculation. Our target bandwidth is 24 Mbps. Please correct me if my number is incorrect. I am quite new to wireless network.

Regulatory Domain: America
Link Margin: 5 dBm
Cable link loss: 2 dBm
Antenna Gain for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz links: 13 dBi Patch Antenna
Max Tx Power of 1550EU for 802.11g and 802.11a with 13 dBi antenna : 20 dBm (smallest Max Tx power on channels)
Rx Sensitivity of 1550EU and 1530E for 802.11a and 802.11g @ 24 Mbps: -81dBm

Max Range for 5 Ghz   @ 24 Mbps = 4.78 km
Max Range for 2.4 Ghz @ 24 Mbps = 9.95 km

I am using the formula on this page. The result is very similar to Bridge Range Calculator from Cisco. Is my calculation correct?


Aironet 1530 Data Sheet:
Aironet 1550 Data Sheet:
Aironet 1550 Max Tx Pwr:

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