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LinkSys and Cisco Bridge

We have LinkSys access points in two remote buildings. We now want to connect the two buildings with a Cisco Aironet 350 Bridge. The bridge link works fine. The problem is every 30-60 minutes the LinkSys devices have go to a wonderful 14.4k (or slower) modem speed type connection. The LinkSys is on default Channel 6. The Aironet is on 1 and we've also tried 11. We've also tried 1 for Cisco and 11 for LinkSys. No options work. We're using Yagi antennae between the two locations and the distance is about 500 feet. Wired computers aren't affected by the LinkSys problem and the Cisco connection stays up. Only the LinkSys wireless clients are affected.

1. Pinging from wired through wired at the remote location ALWAYS works.

2. Pinging from wireless through the cisco wireless to a wired computer fails every 30-60 minutes. The LinkSys devices have to be unplugged, wait 5 seconds and plugged back in. The problem immediately goes away until the next 30-60 seconds.


Thanks, John

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Re: LinkSys and Cisco Bridge

What is the firmware version in Linksys wamp11 ? The current is 2.6 I think.

My experience is with Cisco products, but have you tried to choose the rate to 1_11Mbps (not 11Mbps) ? Linksys may be trying to down the rate speed because of interference or maximum retries and the BR is denying.

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