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load balancing with 526 controller

Good Day,

I would appreciate confirmation of this configuration or, if it is wrong, suggestions.

I have been asked to provide wireless access for a conference of about 150 in an auditorium about 50m x 20m. The attendees will be using their access just to browse, check e-mail etc. We have a radius authentication system in place that is available.

From what I have gathered, it appears that if I get a 526 controller and 4 521 access points I can advertise one SSID and configure the access points/controller for load balancing to maintain decent speed fot the users.

Is this correct?

Also, is there a benefit to getting better equipment. Price is not really a factor but this setup will be used only a couple of times a year and I don't want to throw money away. But it has to work, and I'm on a short deadline...procurement, configuration and testing by 6/4/07.



Re: load balancing with 526 controller

The Cisco 526 Wireless Express Mobility Controller can be used with up to six access points per controller. So 5 -6 access point would be a better option . Refer URL

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