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LWAPP 1130AG constantly associating and disassociating


I have inherited a LWAPP system with around 40 1130AGs and a single 4400 WLC which all work fine.

I attempted to upgrade a 1130 Autonomous to LWAPP and it said it worked using the upgrade tool and c1130-rcvk9w8-tar.123-11JX1 image.

I checked the WLC and initially could see that the WAP was downloading the image from the WLC, but since then it constantly says this on the WLC:

AP Disassociated. Base Radio MAC:*************

AP Associated. Base Radio MAC: *****************

I have done debug lwapp events enable on the WLC and all it says regarding the WAP is:

Tue Jul 14 13:22:20 2009: ************* Received LWAPP DISCOVERY REQUEST from AP ************** to ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff on port '2'

And that's it. Nothing else.

I've added the Mac address into the WLC AP Authorization list as a MIC.

I'm trying to get the public key hash using debug pm pki enable using Putty, but when I put in this command, it logs a huge amount of stuff and then Putty simply closes, without logging the needed info. Is there any other way to get this, or stop the session from closing?

Any ideas on getting the 1130AG working?

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Re: LWAPP 1130AG constantly associating and disassociating

How did you do the conversion in the first place? Did you use the upgrade tool?

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Re: LWAPP 1130AG constantly associating and disassociating

Just to add, I've managed to get debug pm pki enable to run for a long time and it hasn't recorded anything to do the public hash transfer. Basically, the WAP sends a discover packet but the WLC ignores it...

And yes, I used the upgrade tool and it says it was succesful. I did it initially on a VLAN that doesn't have a WLC. Once the upgrade was done, after about an hour I plugged the WAP into the subnet with the WLC. I checked the WLC and could see it was transferring the image to the device. But since then it keeps associating and disassociating.

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Re: LWAPP 1130AG constantly associating and disassociating

Sounds like you have a duplicate IP address issue. If the AP is associating to the WLC and then a duplicate address is dicovered the AP will temporarily lose IP connectivity, pick up the same IP address again and keep going round in circles.

How is the AP obtaining its IP address? If you are using a server check the leases and exclude any static addresses issued. If you are using the WLC DHCP server be careful as they aren't intelligent enough to discover conflicts.

If all else fails do a port span of the WLC uplink and post the trace. If you see the AP transmitting LWAPP traffic to the AP manager, then after a minute it is doing a DHCP Discover then it is defintely IP conflicts.

You can also configure the AP with a known unused static IP address with the command 'lwapp ap ip address x.x.x.x x.x.x.x'

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Re: LWAPP 1130AG constantly associating and disassociating

Troubleshoot a Lightweight Access Point Not Joining a Wireless LAN Controller

Go through this documentation and let us know if you still don't have any result.

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