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LWAPP, Apple TV Airplay

Hi all.

Brief descript ion of our network:-

2 x 3750's stacked at core

Linksys 2024, 2048, cisco 200 and 300 series access switches.

LWAPP 2112 for wireless.

We have multiple VLANs configured and the 3750's are doing the routing.

3750's info:-

Version 12.2(35)SE5

License Level: ipbase

We want to be able to use 2 Apple TV's purely in the VLAN 55 (which the 3750's aren't routing but is configured on the 3750's, default gateway is a fortigate firewall.

No access lists are configured to limit traffic on this vlan as it's a public VLAN

55 VLAN is created and configured on the Cisco LWAPP 2112 and working quite nicely for everything else.

I have my iPhone on the same wireless network as teh Aplpe TV and when i use lan scan i can see the apple tv but no bonjour services found.

I have enabled IP multicast and IGMP snooping and given it an address of on the Wireless Controller.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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LWAPP, Apple TV Airplay

Hi there, No answers yet

Just an update.

I have found a wireless access point and plugged that into the 55 VLAN.

Configured my iPhone up to that wireless and it works with the Apple TV plugged into the same VLAN!

So basically it IS the cisco wireless.

Anyone any ideas on what needs configuring on the controller?


LWAPP, Apple TV Airplay

I may not be able to resolve your issue, but this is something in date sheet for 2112

While Cisco 2100 Series Wireless LAN Controllers support transaction-oriented wireless environments such as handheld scanners in retail, the Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controllers are recommended for high-data-rate and multicast-intensive applications such as large data files, video, push-to-talk.



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LWAPP, Apple TV Airplay

Hi, thanks for the update.

I found this:-

Which says how to setup the 2112 controller, which i have followed as best i can, but it still isn't working

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