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Management via Wireless. Using AP from different Controller

Hi guys..

I've found this:

Q. With the Management via Wireless feature enabled on wireless LAN controllers (WLCs) in a mobility group, I can only access one WLC from that mobility group, but not all. Why?


A. This is an expected behavior. When enabled, the Management via Wireless feature allows a wireless client to reach or manage only the WLC to which its associated access point is registered. The client cannot manage other WLCs, even though these WLCs are in same mobility groups. This is implemented for security, and recently was tightened down to just the one WLC in order to limit exposure.

The Cisco WLAN Solution Management over Wireless feature allows Cisco WLAN Solution operators to monitor and configure local WLCs using a wireless client. This feature is supported for all management tasks, except uploads to and downloads from (transfers to and from) the WLC.

This can be enabled through the WLC CLI with the config network mgmt-via-wireless enable command.

On the GUI, click Management; from the left-hand side click Mgmt Via Wireless, and check the box Enable Controller Management to be accessible from Wireless Clients.

Note: When you enable this option, you can expose the data. Ensure that you have enabled a proper authentication and encryption scheme.

Is this still valid? You cannot manage a WLC via Wireless using an AP from different Controller? Even if they are in the same mobility domain? And, is this for all WLC models and Software Version? (im using a 5508 and 7.6 software version)


Thanks in advance!



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