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mDNS Global Snooping breaks AirPlay

ok. i have looked everywhere.  Maybe my google search skills are going away.  I have a WLC with 7.5 configured for mDNS.  Everything works fine until i turn on gobal snooping. then BAM airplay doesn't broadcast it services. 

when i do a >show mdns domain-name-ip summary

Number of Domain Name-IP Entries................. 13

DomainName                                MAC Address            IP Address         Vlan Id    Type       TTL       Time left

                                                                                                         (sec)     (sec)

--------------------                     ----------------      ----------------     -------    ------     ------    ------

AIS-s-MacBook-2.local.                   e4:ce:8f:xx:xx:xx           78      Wireless     4725       4723

NOC-DISPLAY.local.                       f4:f9:51:xx:xx:xx           0       mDNS AP      4725       4251

the display shows up but i can't select it. (unless i turn off mdns global snooping).   Anyone have ANY ideas?

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mDNS Global Snooping breaks AirPlay

Tried it too and had somthing very similiar with AppleTV.  But I had some wireless devices connect (Macbook) and others that did not (Ipad) with mDNS enabled.

disable mDNS and rename Mcast over unicast it all worked OK.  Funny thins is the tables in WISM had the correct addressess leared and a local mDNS browser app showed the service.


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