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Mesh Antennas

Question about a point to multiple point mesh setup using A backhaul.  The RAP is a 1242 and is connected to antenna AIR-ANT58G10SSA-N. The MAP is just the basic 1522 series setup.  Which I'm not even sure if the 1242 RAP to 1522 MAP is a supported setup. My question, will there be any issues using the AIR-ANT58G10SSA-N with the 1242? One problem I noticed is that the antenna is a type N connector, but the access point is a rp-tnc. Which the folks that setup it up used adapters to adapt it down to the rp-tnc connection on the 1242 (Which I'm thinking there may be some loss there).  The thing I was most curious about, according to , the antenna is to be used with the 1400 series bridge.

"A sector antenna for use with the Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Wireless Bridge. This non-diversity symmetric antenna operates in the UNII-3 band (5725-5825 MHz). The antenna is designed to be mounted outdoors on a mast or a suitable vertical surface. The antenna is not compatible with other Cisco Aironet radio products operating in the 5 GHz frequency band."

Is there a major issue using this antenna with the 1242 series? Main reason I am asking, the network seems to be very flaky and drops frequently (Good line of sight). This was setup by an outside vendor then I was the unfortunate one to inherit it and I do not have much knowledge with mesh setups.

If this would cause any issues, what wap/antenna would you recommend to replace the current RAP?

Thanks for any info.


Re: Mesh Antennas

That antenna should work fine but keep in mind that particular antenna is designed to only support the UNII-3 band.  So make sure your mesh backhaul is using a UNII-3 channel.

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