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Monitoring Bandwidth usage of AP's on 5508 WLC

Hi guys, probably a very simple question but I was hoping someone out there could help me with it. I have a 5508 WLAN controller with a mixture of 1130 and 2602 AP's most of which are running in flexconnect mode.


I was wondering if there was a way to monitor the interface bandwidth usage on the AP's. I used to use solarwinds when we were running autonomous mode AP's but im guessing there is no way to poll the AP's directly now the are LWAPP? How can I easily see which AP's are being over subscribed in terms of bandwidth required? I have utilized the rudimentary load balancing and set the client window size to 13 but I would like to see if we are still bottlenecking on the amount of available bandwidth.



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You could monitor the switch

You could monitor the switch end & check the utilization of switch port traffic. If you do not see the switchport being utilized heavily you can assume your wireless traffic is not that high.

Also make sure all your switchports are 1Gbps (not 100Mbps) as 2602 throughput is more than 100Mbps.




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yes the alternate option for

yes the alternate option for you is to use the switch ports and you can easy pull information from that port as you are using solar wind solution

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