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Moving WCS to a new server


I'm getting ready to move from a linux server running our current WCS to a new windows server. I already have the WCS installed and was wondering how to get my licenses and such from the current WCS to the new WCS. I havn't really found any documents on moving WCS from one server to another. Just wondering if there was anyway to do this without having to purchase more licenses. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Moving WCS to a new server

What you need to do is backup the WCS from your Linux server and restore the WCS onto the new windows server. License and all will be backed up and restored.

Just in case:

If you encounter a problem with the license file, please contact the Cisco Licensing team at 800-553-2447 or


Backup and Restore License

The license files are saved as part of the backup and restore process, so upgrading WCS will not require reentering of the license files. However, the restore must be on a system with the same host name for the restored licenses to work. If you have installed an upgraded license on your system, you must reinstall the original license, followed by the upgrade license. For example, if you have upgraded a license from base license to location license, during the reinstall, you need to first install the base license, then install the location license. To backup and restore the WCS database, refer to the "Backing Up the WCS Database" section and the "Restoring the WCS Database" section.

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Re: Moving WCS to a new server

You should only have a problem with the license if the old and new WCS Servers have different hostnames, as this is what the license is registered against.

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