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MSE CLI help

     My WCS said that my 3310 MSE in an unreachable state this week. I was not able to ping it so I consoled into it and was lost in the CLI. This is the first time I have ever logged into my MSE via the command line. It is a completely different CLI than my switches. Does anyone know a good resource to learn the CLI commands on an MSE? It looks like it is some form of Linux, but I am not sure of that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

     (I was able to get a command that allowed me to get back into the initial start up screen and figure out what happened to make the MSE unreachable)              

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Re: MSE CLI help

Here are some important commands:

Check system status

/etc/init.d/msed status
# getserverinfo

Starup Wizard

/etc/init.d/network restart

ifconfig eth0
View the network settings on the first Ethernet adapter installed in the computer.

ifconfig -a
Display info on all network interfaces on server, active or inactive.

ifconfig eth0 down
If eth0 exists would take it down causing it cannot send or receive any information.

ifconfig eth0 up
If eth0 exists and in the down state would return it back to the up state allowing to to send and receive information.

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Do you found any solution

Did you find any solution about it? We are experiencing exactly the same issue and we have the same troubles about CLI.

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