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MSE (Mobility Services Engine) UDI & License Question


I am trying to register a license for a 3350 MSE (mobility services engine - wireless) that I am installing.

The part code for the license is : AIR-CAS-3KC-K9

The licensing guide says that I need to register the UDI (Unique Device Identifier) of the MSE...what is the UDI & how do I find it?

Also, is the license installed on the WCS platform, or on the MSE itself? If its on the MSE, how do I apply it?...I can't find any info on how to do it.



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Re: MSE (Mobility Services Engine) UDI & License Question

Hi Nigel,

The MSE UDI info is found (in WCS) on the General Properties panel at Services > Mobility Services Engine > Device Name > System.

The license will be installed on WCS, but is only required in 6.0 and later. So, you need not worry about the license until you upgrade to 6.0.

The following link shows the MSE section of the WCS License Centre in 6.0.


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Re: MSE (Mobility Services Engine) UDI & License Question

Hello -

I have the same two questions. I am little surprised by your answer so I wanted to clarify if you don't mind.

So in WCS version 5.2.148 which is what I am running I don't need a license to track clients?

I purchased a license to do just that and am looking to install it. Why would Cisco allow tracking of clients without license? Doesn't makes sense.

1 - I could not find the UID on the general properties screen on my WCS 5.2.148. I assume it's not there because it's not a 6.0 version?

2 - I tried to install the license on the WCS using the help->license screen. But I get an invalid file error. This is the screen where the AP count licenses are installed. So I assume that is why I am seeing this error.

3 - If I am going to track tags using a AeroScout tag tracking is it the same deal? Do I need a tag license from AeroScout if if so will I even be able to install if without 6.x WCS version.

This is confusing. Thanks for any help. The documentation is awful on this.

Re: MSE (Mobility Services Engine) UDI & License Question

License is needed only from WCS 6.0 for MSE.

WCS 5.x does not need a license for the MSE to work.

The license have to be added on the WCS.

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Re: MSE (Mobility Services Engine) UDI & License Question

What is the licensing requirement when the MSE and WCS are on different versions? For example, if you are running WCS 6.0 but your MSE is still running 5.2.

Re: MSE (Mobility Services Engine) UDI & License Question

if you're MSE is on 5.2, you dont need a license.

On MSE 5.2 you can use context aware service OR wIPS but not both services at the sametime.

On MSE 6.0 you can run both services at the sametime

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