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Mulitple SSID's different signal strength??

I am fairly new to wireless using a WLC controller.  That said, i have managed to bring up a 2125 WLC with 8 ap's attached to it.  my question is, I have recently added a "guest" ssid that points to a separate interface on the wlc which is connected to my DMZ.  I am doing dhcp for this dmz on the controller and this all seems to be working fine.  I can connect as a client, I am handed a dhcp address and routed out through the DMZ. The interesting part is looking at a client laptop, I see both SSID's but my internal shows full strength (I am literally 3 feet from it) but the guest SSID shows 2-3 bars.  Now if I connect to the guest ssid, it goes to full strength??

Cisco Employee

Re: Mulitple SSID's different signal strength??


obviously the signal strength is not different in reality if you connect or if you don't. This is mostly a client behavior actually. Each drivers show the RSSI differently and the values in percentage or bars are all but reliable.

A classical explanation is that if you hide the SSID, the client cannot know for sure which beacon belongs to that other SSID (since the name is hidden from beacons) until it connects to that SSID and then it knows which beacons belong to it.

But nothing to worry about, really.



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