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Multiple SSIDs with Multiple (split) VLANs & GW ---- for shopping mall

Hi Experts,


I suppose to sell the shared infrastructure service. Now I'm holding a couple of 8500 (HA). With almost 450 APs. 

I'm designing my actual WiFi service for this "Shopping Mall" to retails.


Each of retail shop should own his AP inside their own shop. The AP should ONLY broadcast his own SSID such "Starbucks-WIFI". Each shop sholud not be able to hook into the other shops network.


Problem are 

  1. If I have 100-500 customers/retail shops. Can I achieve my goal with a ginven WLC8500?
  2. How many SSID can be actived at once?
  3. How many AP group can be configured and turned on at once?
  4. What would be the actual topology which is the best practice for? --- IMO, shop broadcast their own SSID >> access switch dedicated VLAN >> VRF (64VRF max @ CAT4500) or dedicated GW at Firewall >> dedicated internet link.

I found some relevant post but it not explitict to my env. Wireless Max SSID on WLC and AP | Getting Started with Wireless ...


Cheer & Br,


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How many SSID can be actived

How many SSID can be actived at once?

Go to WLAN > Advanced > AP Groups.


All APs fall into the default-group.  Each AP can advertise a maximum of 16 SSIDs.  If you are smart, you can create a number of AP Groups and individual APs can be assigned to a specific AP Group.  One of the main selling point with AP Groups is the ability to assign specific SSIDs.  So if you create an AP Group called Starsbuck and in the AP Group you assign only the Starsbuck SSID and then assign only one AP then this AP will ONLY advertise the specified SSID.  

Good news is the 8500 can support up to 6K AP Groups (read THIS).

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Leo, Ok AP group is the approach. We can have much groups. Then, what about maximum number of the ACTIVE SSID which will be mapped into the specific group? I saw that number od active and configure SSID is not the same parameter. br, nipat.p
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Hi,By AP group you can


By AP group you can broadcast all ssid but it is always good to use the specific SSID for specific Group/AP not all ssid in one Group.



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Hi,  It got the idea of AP



It got the idea of AP group. I used to configure for production over WAN. You can manipulate SSID vs. AP and Virtual Interface.

I got your provided AP group limitation. But SSID and its correlated Interface VLAN assigned.


All of cisco documents saying about SSID 1-16 and 17+ , Now what's about maximum SSID (active) limitation?



Thank you in advance,



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Hi Niapt,There is no

Hi Niapt,

There is no limiatation as per my knowledge.



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Then, what about maximum

Then, what about maximum number of the ACTIVE SSID which will be mapped into the specific group? 

You can have up to 16 SSIDs in an AP Group.  You can put more but the AP will only broadcast up to 16.  I you have 18, for example, it'll be round-robin.  And any sane wireless person keeps SSIDs to a minimum of about 4 SSID per AP.  You don't want more.  Not in a mall-like deployment.  

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one more link to create AP

one more link to create AP groups.



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