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Multiple VLAN's and -A- Bridging on AP1240AG, ver123-8.JA2

We have a detached building to bridge to. Using the latest JA2 software, configured the A-Radio on the WLAN side as a root bridge, and in the detached building the A-Radio as a non-root bridge. A Cisco 3500 switch resides at both ends connected via BVI1. The switch ports are trunked. VLAN 64 is native. VLAN 172 is IPVoice (7920 B Radio). We only want the two VLAN's but maybe 3 SSID's (inside, bridge, phone). Want to use VLAN 64 to bridge on the A side and provide IP access on the G side. Want to use VLAN 172 for voice only on the G side. Can't get it to work properly where I can ping the switch on the non-root side without using a telnet session from the the non-root AP. Need a working config segment for Interface DotRadio1 (both ends). MAC or WEP encryption both acceptable on the bridge configuration.

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