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Multiple VLANs Tagging to Single SSID and Works with Different Authentications


 Hi All,


We need to have multiple VLANs configured on single SSID.  Also we need to have a group that can be segregated by MAC ID and these  MAC IDs should get privileged VLAN IP with the same SSID. 


 Please let me know the possibilities.



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Hi Venky,I think you want to

Hi Venky,

I think you want to map single ssid to multiple VLAN's,then this will not be possible with autonomous AP's because you can not create multiple SSID with the same name on the single AP(Can be done but its not recommaned by Cisco).

Check this option . Binding one SSID to say 4-5 VLANs would work with the help of RADIUS + AD .You Must create different groups in AD with each VLAN mapped to it .

 if there is dynamic vlan assignment on the authentication server. You associate the SSID to the management interface, and then trunk 20 dynamic interfaces to the wlc. The authentication server passes the interface name back to the WLC which maps clients to different vlans on the wired network.


Check these links:


Hope it helps.


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 Hi Sandeep,  Thank you for


Hi Sandeep,


 Thank you for your response.

  I have WLC and I would like to configure these groups and authentication on WLC it self. No other external servers available. 





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Hi  Satish, Without server it

Hi  Satish, Without server it can not be possible.

by wlc you can only create a interface group.Interface groups are logical groups of interfaces.A WLAN can be associated with an interface or interface group


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