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Native vlan 5508 HA SSO switch port


Supporting a switching config from a previous resource that connects to WLC management port. The previous config was put into place before a second WLC was added in HA SSO.

The switchport uses the vlan that the Service Interface lives in as the native vlan. This might have been done to force GUI sessions to use the Service interface instead of the Management interface. With HA SSO, the Service interface cannot support the GUI.

As we are having issues accessing the GUI from most vlans with no reason (no access lists, no missing vlans on trunks, etc), I've considered changing the native vlan on that port to the Management vlan instead of the Service interface vlan.

Not sure what that will break if anything. I believe it will bounce the port and interrupt traffic momentarily. Any input/guidance appreciated on the proper configuration. Thanks.




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WiSM-2 WLCs have a dedicated

  • WiSM-2 WLCs have a dedicated Redundancy VLAN which is used to synchronize the configuration from the Active WLC to the Standby WLC.
  • A Redundancy VLAN should be a Layer 2 VLAN dedicated for the HA Pairing process. It should not be spanned across networks and should not have any Layer 3 SVI interface. No data VLAN should be used as a Redundancy VLAN.
  • Keep-alive packets are sent on Redundancy VLAN from the Standby WLC to the Active WLC every 100 msec (default timer) in order to check the health of the Active WLC.
  • Both the WiSMs in a HA setup keep track of gateway reachability. Active WLC sends an ICMP ping to the gateway using the Management IP address as the source, and the Standby WLC sends an ICMP ping to the gateway using the Redundancy Management IP address. Both the WLCs send an ICMP ping to the gateway at a one-second interval.
  • In order to achieve HA, WiSM-2 WLCs should only be deployed in a single chassis or deployed between multiple Catalyst 6500 chassis using VSS.

Hi,Thanks for responding.


Thanks for responding. Unfortuantely, this is not a Cat6500 deployment. This is a pair of WLC 5508s. Sorry if that wasn't clear from the problem description.


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