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Need design/config advice for 526 Controllers

Hi - This is my first time using the 526 controllers. Here is the scenario: Two buildings connected via 1310 wireless bridges (one for voice, one for data). One building will have 6 521 APs, the other will have 1. I can't find documentation any where that shows how to use the 526's together. Here are my questions:

1. Should both controllers be in the same room or can one be in one building, and the other in the remote building?

2. Are the Controllers supposed to be uplinked via the front ports? Or do they stand alone on the network? If they're uplinked, does the stack only require one IP address?

3. If each controller can manage 6 APs, what prevents me from using more than two in an environment?

4. If there's one controller in each building, do I need to create separate VLANs for each side (i.e. Data Main, Data Annex, Voice Main, Voice Annex, Guest Main, Guest Annex, etc.)?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Re: Need design/config advice for 526 Controllers

Better option would be to install the controllers on each buildings where the Access points for faster access. VLAN configuration are to be induvidullay on the controllers. If you want wireless clients to connect to the wired network you need a uplink to the wired environment. Controller's management ip address will be used for communications to the wired network.

Re: Need design/config advice for 526 Controllers

Either way will work as the 526's are a layer 3 controller. Penqke is right in that you will have faster convergence on the same side of the bridge. However, if your network is on the same subnet on both sides then the saved speed will only be minimal. The more important feature is that if you lose both 526s (power loss, etc) in the same room then you lose all wireless connectivity. If you put the controllers in different locations then you have eliminated a single point of failure. You would have one AP that wouldn't reboot(max 6 supported per controller), but the overall wireless network would survive the loss of one controller.

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