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Need heavy wifi concentration

I have been tasked with putting in place wireless service for 450 medical students in one lecture hall. The hall is about 100 X 50 feet. I am currently using 1210 Cisco Aps. I anticipate deploying about 20 Aps to create 20 zones by lowering the radio signal strength.

I am looking for additional pointer.

Anything that may be able to help me with this deployment.



Re: Need heavy wifi concentration

use directional antennas pointed towards the ground with the AP's mounted in the ceiling. this will be a much better design then omnidirectional antennas in a space like this. Also stagger the polarity of the antennas. For example if the pigtail of the antenna sticks out of the bottom (south) and you mount that antenna as such it is in its correct polarity as it was manufactured. Stagger the other antennas by mounting them with the pigtail 45 degrees out (east or west pick one) play with this as you tweak your room until you get what you want. this will help with physically load balancing the room.

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Re: Need heavy wifi concentration

Thanks much John.

Much appreciated.

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