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need help configuring an ISR 892-W router as WGB bridge

need help to configure an ISR 892-W router

as a Workgroup bridge or non root

bridge to connect with an

Cisco AIR-AP1242 with station -role

root bridge wireless clients.Want to receive three or four VLAN`s and have configured one SSID for every VLAN.  VLAN 20 should be the native VLAN at the ISR 892-W side and VLAN 1 should be native VLAN on the trunk to the AP1242 access-point. With my configs I only get a WLAN connection with SSID Helgoland, but I don`t have an ip-connectivity within VLAN 20.

See my configs as attachments. Any help appreciated.

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Re: need help configuring an ISR 892-W router as WGB bridge

I have tried that in the past with my 871W but with no luck with multiple vlans.... might just be easier to get another 1242 and configure that as a WGB. but understand the limitations of a WGB (single vlan).  Is the issue that you don't have a wired connection for another AP?  Multiple vlans require bridge to bridge to be able to pass multiple vlans.

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Re: need help configuring an ISR 892-W router as WGB bridge

Hello Scott,

yes - this is a harsh production enviroment and we need to have a solution to connect multiple PC ( which aren`t WLAN capable) to a workgroup-bridge.

I have now a runnung solution with a AIR-AP1242 as station role root bridge wireless-clients and with two ISR router ( Cisco 892-W / Cisco 881-W)

as station-role non-root-bridge. You need only one transport ssid to configure with WPA/PSK and configure ISR-router in VTP transparent mode with

the VLAN`s you need. The WAN- Upline -ports ( FE8 / WAN GE0 on 892) and (FE 4 WAN) you can leave unused. Thanks for your answer.

rgds Friedrich .

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