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Need help setup a wireless on the 15floor for 5 users


I need to setup a wireless access on the 15th floor for 5 users. On the 15th floor we have 50 LAN users connecting to cat4003 switch and this switch is trunk to the cat6509 switch located in the data center in the basement where the servers are connected.

I did a site suvery and on the 15th floor, the users will be sitting in one closed area room beside the elevator. The cat4003 switch is located in the closet across from the elevator.

Given the environment can someone please assist on what devices, configurations, etc..need to set up this wireless for the 5 users to connect to the servers.




Re: Need help setup a wireless on the 15floor for 5 users

Good afternoon Steve,

When you conduct a site survey you want to take note of any other wireless cells which are over lapping the 15th floor. This will assist you with understanding what channels you will want to set your APs to...If this is B/G, remember channels 1,6,11 do not overlap.

One item im somewhat confused on... Are these going to be the same 5 users? or is that your rough estimate of the total number of users your going to have on at one time?

If your anticipating multiple users, the easiest setup you will have is to use tacacs.

With the user by the elivator... this user is prime for whats called multi-path.. Wireless device communicates to the AP, the signal reaches the AP twice, once 'directly' then a 2nd or more times from being bounced off of objects. You MAY have to place an AP in that area to avoid this behavior.. It essentially causes interference.

The best idea is to look at your area, determine the rough estimate of how many APs you will require. Get the APs in and configure them as you desire. At this point conduct another survey and see how the RF is reacting to your physical environment. Depending on how your floor is laid out, you may want to consider other attenna options.

I relieze i have not said, buy product # blah, and configure to XYZ... however there are to many variables when dealing with wireless... =)

One item i would suggest is when purchasing your APs get the SmartNet contract... I admit i am still learning a great deal about wireless, however Cisco's engineers pointed me in the right direction on documents to read pertaining to deployment.

Hope this helps :)

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Re: Need help setup a wireless on the 15floor for 5 users

There are no other wireless cells. This will be the only wireless setup in this one room and the maxmimum users are 5.

Do i need 1 AP and the WLAN controller?


Re: Need help setup a wireless on the 15floor for 5 users

Honestly, i can't tell you what number of access points you will need. I can tell you that with 5 users, a single AP will do wonderful given the right RF conditions.

However, please understand that things always look great on paper, however when put into the physical world they like to go squirrely. =)

Personally i would buy one AP without the controller, then place the AP where you think it would best serve your environment then do a wireless survey/test it. But dont place it into production. That may give you a better idea to your environment in regards to if you need another AP or not..

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Re: Need help setup a wireless on the 15floor for 5 users

I am going to use the AP 1240AG.

Can You please help to configure this? The AP will be connecting to layer 2 cat4003 switch on the 15th floor.

Can i configure trunk on the switch port and only allow the dhcp client vlan and the management vlan to talk to the internet going over the existing LAN?

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