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NEMA Enclosures

In the course manual, there is a picture of a NEMA Enclosure for the 350 series with no product number

Where can i purchase these? does anyone know.

thanks with regards


Cisco Employee

Re: NEMA Enclosures

hello ,

NeTeam (330) 664-1900 They have boxes they use outdoors for our products.


Graybar sells a box called a Hoffman box,

Nema box, with hinges and a rubberized seal. Completely weather proof. Nema 2.



Go to your local Anixter or Graybar electrical warehouse. Pick out an

outside Hoffman BOX, NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association)

BOX and make it work for you. The bigger ones can house two Bridges. The

small ones will house just one. Holes for the electrical, data and antenna

feeds will have to be cleanly punched. Get the Greenlee Punch set. (you

drill a small hole, insert the punch throught the small hole, tighten down

the punch with a wrench and a extremely clean hole is done.) Be sure and

file down then tape the sharp edges. Mounting is done with large U bolts,

(Home Depot). You will have to drill the outside flange. And if it going

to be outside, drill two small weep holes at the bottom side, so that if

water ever gets inside, it will have a chance to drain out. I have used

this over and over again. The Hoffman box has a weather proof seal and can

be locked.

On another note, should you need to supply electrical to the box, don't

bother with 110 VAC. Use Class 2, UV protected, three conductor 18gauge,

shielded (outside thermostat wiring) and splce into the transformer, and run

the cable up with the CAT 5 wiring. Ground the antenna cable at the

Entrance Point, National Code. Ground the shielded Class 2 wiring at the

Hoffman BOX and at the inside Entrance Point. (within 50 feet of EP)


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