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Netgear seems better though thick walls

We currently are using a Netgear wireless solution, however the signal isn't reliable all the time. So we thought we'll upgrade to an Aironet solution, however it appears that the signal is now worse than it was with the Netgear. We do have thick walls (solid 12" thick breeze block), but the signal only has to go 8 metres and though 1 wall. The Cisco isn't doing anything, we have had to go back to our cheap Netgear, fancy that.

Has anyone else found that the Netgear outperforms the Aironet through thick walls ?

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Re: Netgear seems better though thick walls

An update to my previously posed question. I have now managed to get the Aironet to function through the walls, but I have had to setup a second Access Point as a repeater actually in the room with the problem PC. This now obviously gives a strong enough signal. This new information still leaves me with the impression that the Netgear equipment can operate through our 12" breeze block walls better than the Aironet series. I have ensured that both the adapter and AP are transmitting/receiving on maximum power. I have also chosen the channel with the least noise etc and most capacity according to the carrier tests. Is there anything else I can do to the signal to tune it ?

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Re: Netgear seems better though thick walls

Use the site survey mode and see which AP location (and antenna type/direction) works best.

Are you using 340 or 350 Aironet products? (make sure you've got the latest software)

What type of antenna are you using?

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Re: Netgear seems better though thick walls

One of the problems of adding repeaters is that each repeater cuts throughput in half. If the signal seems stronger it may be but, the actual throughput will be less. That may be the reason you have the impression the NetGear is better than the Aironet. The tuning you've done sounds good. The other tests you need to do is a spectrum analysis with another piece of equipment. This tests for spurious radio signals in/around your installation that may also interfere with the 2.4Ghz signal. Microwaves, 2.4Ghz phones, machinery, etc.

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Re: Netgear seems better though thick walls

A better antenna at the AP will help a lot. Better antennas at the clients will , help, but you only have that option with the PCI cards or the LMC series PCMCIA cards.

Matthew Wheeler

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Re: Netgear seems better though thick walls

The antenna must be the issue, since the output is limited to 100mW the only other factor is the dB gain rating of the antenna.


Hi,There is a lot other


There is a lot other factors involve in the performance of your wireless network.

1st you need to do site survey and then you have to choose and tune the access-point  which suit your environment.

Check the below configuration guide

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