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new aironet 1220 dead after firmware upgrade

Hi I have just had shipped 2x aironet 1220B series AP's .

I just went to upgrade there software using


using the web browse to image option , all apeared to go well, but now when the AP reboots it sits with all 3 green led's permanantly on.

it dosnt pick up an IP & I can do nothing with it

If I connect via console I see the follwing during boot

Motherboard: IBM405 200MHz, 8192KB FLASH, 16384KB DRAM, Revision 04

Bootstrap Ver. 1.00: FLASH, CRC 1C914641 (OK)

Initialization: OK

Memory Bank total used left

DRAM 16742624 0 16742624

Config 524288 0 524288

FLASH 7602176 0 7602176

Memory Bank:File address size encoding type flags

Type '=' for main menu.

c -- Copy file

f -- File dir

l -- downLoad file into DRAM

u -- Upload file

p -- xfer Protocol

n -- coNsole

r -- Run

s -- System info.

Unfortunatly all of this is output just bewfore all led's go green it does not accept any input via hyper term & appears to hang at this point ? I have tries reset option but to no avail. It appears I have no way with communicating with the AP at all.

according to the memory bank readout , all my mem is empty /unused ?? can someone explain what the heck is going on ?

Many thanks


Community Member

Re: new aironet 1220 dead after firmware upgrade

I don't have the solution, just a similar problem. I have 2 AP1220B's that I thought I should upgrade to the IOS firmware. The first went fine, and I have no problem with the result. In fact, it solved a laptop connectivity problem I couldn't fix otherwise with hours of troubleshooting.

The second AP apparently didn't take the upgrade, and it is completely unresponsive with 3 solid green lights on. When connected thru the console using Hyperterminal, I don't even get the boot information that Darren gets. Hyperterminal shows a connection, but there is no data shown with attempted reboot and no response to commands.

I have the sense that there are likely others with the same problem--and others that will have the problem when they go to upgrade to IOS.

I, for one, will be very dissapointed if my $600 AP becomes a paperweight.



Community Member

Re: new aironet 1220 dead after firmware upgrade

I upgraded my AP's and ended up having to remove the wep key and put it back in. Something happened to the wep key. Also, the B radio periodically goes down now.

Cisco Employee

Re: new aironet 1220 dead after firmware upgrade

Hi Gents there is an excellent document that just got posted the other week to step through how to recover from this.


Community Member

Re: new aironet 1220 dead after firmware upgrade

I found success working through the "Recovery From A Failure" in that document yesterday. The AP is up and running with IOS. I like this solution better than another one I found posted directly on the message board that reinstalled the old firmware so that you can try the upgrage again. The above cited solution installs the IOS firmware directly. THANKS.

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