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New to Cisco - 2504 installation what do i need

Hi, I'm now to Cisco hardware but have been involved in WiFi installations for a while now.

I have been asked to install a test WiFi network based on a Cisco 2504 controller. The project is for a specific solution which requires this hardware to work but I have no prior experience.


I know I need a 2504 controller and 12 Access Points, looking at the Cisco website I either want to have 1600 or 2700 series AP's. The network will need to support around 500 concurrent connections at any one time.


Looking at the options for the controller there seems to be various licence options hence my question. Can someone please let me know what it is i'm going to need to get this working.

For the controller I am looking at the 15 AP licence model

What are IOS licences? do I need them?

AP will be either controller based 1600 or 2700 series, I was thinking of 2700 series as they support HDX... do I need HDX?

Do I need anything else for the AP to work... I presume they are POE?

Software licences... there seems to be no reference to warranties with Cisco kit... do I need to buy something extra

Do any of these licences need annually renewing or once you have it it's yours for ever?

Any help would be very much appreciated.






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You should speak with your

You should speak with your local Cisco SE or a Cisco partner, so they can tell you exactly what you need. That is the best way not to miss something or tell you what to purchase that might not work for you. 

Just to to also let you understand, a good number of clients per access point is 25.  Less is your doing voice and or video and more if it's just web and email traffic.  Understanding this and picking out the best equipment might end up with different hardware like the 5508 or even more AP's that what you are considering. That is why you need to get a Cisco SE or Cisco parner involved. They can sit down with you and go over what will work and what can't. 


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Hey,  Controller: I can see




I can see that you already made your mind about the controller 2504 .. now you will need to decide which software to use (you can run up to the latest 8.0 code) .. for each software there is release notes that lists the features. 

To download the software:


Access points: 

After picking the software, you will need to pick the APs you wish to use:

To select the AP model:

1- Check that its compatible with the software you have chosen

2- Check what kind of feature you want the AP to have, like dual radio, only b/g , do you want AC module? clean air? 

Check the data sheets for the APs. 

To select the number and location of APs you will need to know:

  • What kind of applications are you running? Data/ Voice?  
  • What is the speed you are expecting? Is the speed critical? 

This will affect the cell size and the overlap between the cells 

For this step I recommend you to have site survey so you won't end up with RF full of interference/ coverage holes/ etc,,,


Powering the access point:

General talking you have three options:

- PoE

- power supply (doesn't come with the AP)

- power injector 



You need to buy the license once (if you decided to add more APs, you can always buy adder license)

The license is for the number of the access point that will join the WLC and this is the only lic you need. 





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