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NME-AIR-WLC8-K9 anyone tried using this and WPA2

I was working in the lab with very mixed results. I setup no encyption and the module works just fine. I setup WEP128 and it works OK. But, when I moved to WPA/WPA2 PSK I get mixed results.

The key length set to 63 charactors will never get the end user to a point of getting an IP address from the module. If I cut the key down to 30 then its a 1 in 10 to 15 chance of getting an IP address. If I cut it back to 8 charactors its about 1 in 8 will get an IP address. . I have checked the version of code on the 2811 before I even started. I dont have it right here in front of me but it was the minimum required. I 'm looking ant a later ED to test next.

My idea was for a remote office to utilize this with WPA2 PSK since I can't rely on wan link to authenticate to the main office.

Any thoughts ?


Re: NME-AIR-WLC8-K9 anyone tried using this and WPA2

Are you using AES or TKIP? asci or hex? All make a difference. Your client has to support what you use on the SSID. Bear in mind that PSK also takes a wee bit longer for the handshake to take place.

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