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No of events in 1231/1131AG log file

Can anyone tell me how to increase the number of events on the log file of the 1231/1131AGs. It seem to be maxing out at 30, and I am unable to go back in the history to view past logs.


Re: No of events in 1231/1131AG log file

Probably your best bet would be to send the events to a logging machine.

Get a copy of Kiwi syslog (it's free) and install it on a PC.

In the WebGUI, bring up the Services page and enable syslog and give it the addres of the PC running Kiwi.

Memory/storage and processor is limited on the APs, it's a good thing to offload as many processes from the APs as possible, especially if you have a heavier traffic load or are situated in an area with a lot of interference.

The text logs created by Kiwi are pretty dense ... you may also want to shop around for a log parser / interpreter.

Kiwi also give you the ability to save the log to a database (mysql, mssql2k & others) and even give you some templates to create the tables.

I use MSSQL2K and report from that with Crystal Reports ... it might be easier to to find a log parser if you're not up on databases.

Good Luck


New Member

Re: No of events in 1231/1131AG log file

ScottMac, Thanks for the info but I do not have Syslog listed on the Services page. Any other ideas?




Re: No of events in 1231/1131AG log file

SERVICES | SNMP | Trap Community

Set the Trap destination to the Kiwi syslogd machine and set the level of traps you want to receive.

Good Luck


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