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Nokia cell phones rejected as wireless dhcp clients

We run a middle-range (about 100 Cisco Aironet AP) wireless lan which offers services with a few ssids associated to different vlans to meet every user profile.

Most of our wireless users (WinXP,Windows Vista,Linux) associate to one of the ssids and altough ocasionally we have had common problems with dhcp, in the end nothing out of the common solution either.

However recently we've been approached by a number of users with Nokia cell phones trying to get their phones associate to the ssid that most of the users work with to no avail.We have run several network captures of the flavored dhcp protocol these devices use and altough we found some particularities (IPv6/IPv4 mixed use during dhcp request packet), we only just come to conclusion that we can't blame on dhcp relay,cisco access-points,or any authentication related feature (because it's an open wireless network).All these users claim that their devices work just right on Starbucks-similar configuration (i.e. simpler configurations).

We've done our research and it seems (no official document from Nokia or the OS the use for their phones) that there's some issue with their dhcp clients and wireless networks with AP managing more than the regular unique SSID.Since we run more than one SSID this may explain user can't hook to wireless lan.Other tests include Blackberry devices too.

Is there anyone experiencing similar problem?

Thanks a lot for any input


Re: Nokia cell phones rejected as wireless dhcp clients

A lot of client devices such as phones attach to the first ssid that they see a beacon from. Make sure that the phone is submitting a dhcp request via wireshark or other wireless sniffer. Watch for the reply from the controller and see where it breaks.

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