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obtaining config from an AP

We're running the LWAPP with the WLC's model 2000 and AP's model

AIR-AP1242AG-A-K9. We assign static addresses to the WLC's, however DHCP addresses for

the AP's. We need to obtain the config from the AP, however were not able to ether telnet

or http/s into them. Is there a way for us to access an AIR-AP1242AG-A-K9 AP, so that we

can get its config?


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Re: obtaining config from an AP

The configuration comes from the WLC itself. You can click on th eWireless tab on the GUI and then click on the ap if you want to see how it is configured. If you console into the LAP you can run a show lwapp ip config to see its ip address. Here is a link just in case you need to reset the ap:

If you are running 4.1 or later, then you can run these commands in the cli:

config ap username password all

config ap ssh enable


config ap telnet enable

This will allow you to run commands as if you were consoled into the ap.

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Re: obtaining config from an AP

Thanks for your response. Both, the WLC & the LWAP are remote from us, so we can;t console into them. We can http/telnet into the WLC, but not LWAP. Is there a way to telnet into the LWAP?

Thanks gain..

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Re: obtaining config from an AP

The commands are in my original post. You have to telnet or ssh to the wlc and run those commands.

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