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Odd issue with a 4402 after software upgrade

We recently purchased a 4402 controller. It was running the release, which I upgraded today to I also updated the bootloader to

I configured everything like I did before the software upgrade. Same IP address, same subnet, no VLAN tags, and so forth.

The controller is on a segregated subnet, apart from my desktop machine. I have another machine on that segregate subnet, which I'm using for terminal access. I can remote desktop into that machine just fine.

I can also ping the controller from that machine.

I can not ping the gateway from the controller. I can ping the remote computer from the controller.

I can't ping the controller from my desktop, and I can't ping my desktop from the controller.

Any thoughts? The only difference is the upgraded software, as far as I can tell.


Community Member

Re: Odd issue with a 4402 after software upgrade

Here's the answer, if anyone is interested or encounters the same problem.

The service port CAN NOT be on the same /8 network. For example, my service port was while the management port was on

It's gotta be totally different.

Which, honestly, makes NO sense to me whatsoever...but such is the Cisco way.

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