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OEAP and 5508 Controller

I have a couple of demo 600 OEAPS and am having trouble getting them to connect to the controller.  I've given the controller a public IP and opened the firewall with the UDP ports.  I've added teh NAT address to the controllers managment interface.  When I try and connect with 600 accross the web I get the following error in the 600's event log.

*Jan 01 08:01:05.587: Could not discover any MWAR.

*Jan 01 08:01:05.618: Starting Discovery.

*Jan 01 08:01:05.619: CAPWAP State: Discovery.

*Jan 01 08:01:05.620: Discovery Request sent to with discovery type set to 0

*Jan 01 08:01:05.644: Discovery Response from

*Jan 01 08:01:05.645: Dot11 binding decode: Discovery Response

*Jan 01 08:01:05.645: Discovery response from MWAR 'HOUWLC01'running version is rejected.

*Jan 01 08:01:05.645: Failed to decode discovery response.

*Jan 01 08:01:05.645: CAPWAP SM handler: Failed to process message type 2 state 2.

*Jan 01 08:01:05.645: Failed to handle capwap control message from controller

*Jan 01 08:01:05.645: Failed to process unencrypted capwap packet from -857623912

*Jan 01 08:01:05.645: capwapWtpStatemachine() returned 4

Not sure where to look, this seems so simple.  Any ideas???

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OEAP and 5508 Controller


The issue here is that your WLC is running version

Discovery response from MWAR 'HOUWLC01'running version is rejected.

The OEAP600 support started in version, so you will need to upgrade your WLC software to a later release to get these APs to join.


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Re: OEAP and 5508 Controller

Thanks, don't know how I missed that..........

From: pcroak

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Date: 02/10/2012 10:08 AM

Subject: - Re: OEAP and 5508 Controller

OEAP and 5508 Controller


For More information on OEAP-600, please watch the "Community Tech-Talk Series" Cisco Office Extend Access Point OEAP-600


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