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Only 1 Client connection allowed on 1100 series with WPA-PSK

As the title suggests, I can only get one wireless client to connect successfully to the AP when I am using WPA-PSK. The Client Computers (winxp sp2) attempt to connect, I can see the client attempts to connect to the AP, but they never get an IP address. I get this in the logs for each client that tries to connect after the first sucessful connection:

Station 0013.0276.f84d Authentication failed

They all have the same WPA key, and when I pull the plug on the connected machine another machine is able to connect.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks


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Re: Only 1 Client connection allowed on 1100 series with WPA-PSK

Hi Joshua,

This is a stab in the dark, but pehaps the Max-Associations on the AP SSID was set to 1 by accident? Have a look;

Use the no form of the command to disable the SSID or to disable SSID features.

This example shows how to:

Name an SSID

Configure the SSID for RADIUS accounting

Set the maximum number of client devices that can associate using this SSID to 1

Assign the SSID to a VLAN

AP# configure terminal

AP(config)# interface dot11radio 0

AP(config-if)# ssid batman

AP(config-ssid)# accounting accounting-method-list

AP(config-ssid)# max-associations 1****

AP(config-ssid)# vlan 3762

AP(config-ssid)# end

Hope this helps!


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