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outdoor 1510 site survey

did thier any one can tell me haw we start site survey , haw we can do it what is the best tool ,, recomndation

what is the power value and channel assigement should i have to put to get good result ,,shall i have to get the AP and installl as we did in the normal indoor

i am using airmagnet tool


Re: outdoor 1510 site survey

Although it is outdoor and I believe we have to carry the site survey as similiar as indoor. e.g. use an AP and site survey tools.

Check below quoted from Cisco for the issues of outdoor site survey :

***Quote start

Site Surveys

Every network application is a unique installation. Before installing multiple access points, you should perform a site survey to determine the optimum use of networking components and to maximize range, coverage, and network performance.

Consider the following operating and environmental conditions when performing a site survey:

?Data rates?Sensitivity and range are inversely proportional to data bit rates. The maximum radio range is achieved at the lowest workable data rate. A decrease in receiver sensitivity occurs as the radio data increases.

?Antenna type and placement?Proper antenna configuration is a critical factor in maximizing radio range. As a general rule, range increases in proportion to antenna height. However, do not place the antenna higher than necessary, because the extra height also increases potential interference from other unlicensed radio systems and decreases the wireless coverage from the ground.

?Physical environment?Clear or open areas provide better radio range than closed or filled areas.

?Obstructions?Physical obstructions such as buildings, trees, or hills can hinder performance of wireless devices. Avoid locating the devices in a location where there is an obstruction between the sending and receiving antennas.

***Quote end

For the power, it depends on the required coverage and antenna used. I believe the airmagnet is fine for the survey.

Hope this helps.

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Re: outdoor 1510 site survey

thnx alot for ur input ,, actulayy i know this one ,,

do u think it is better to configure the and install the AP firstly in the controller and ocnfigure and assigen power and channell then get these ap and doing site survey and if it need any manipulation we can change it or what..

because comparing with normal ap ( indoor) we fix the power to the 50mw and we used airamgnet up to the 25 SNR


Re: outdoor 1510 site survey

IC, what I suggest not to use controller-based AP for site survey. Use an anonymous/standalone AP for easier configuration.

Yes, I suggest to setup an AP and use survey tool to test it. I really can't tell how much power should be used. It depends on your requirement and limitation, e.g. no. of AP, distance, etc.

Hope this helps.

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Re: outdoor 1510 site survey

                   Kindly find the attached doc.

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