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PDA WLAN client have ip address

We are using AP1130 128bit wep key and PDA wlan client. The problem is PDA is associated with 128bit wep-key successfully but client have ip address even have static ip address. The PDA communication is OK without wep encyption AP and PDA.


Re: PDA WLAN client have ip address

Association to the AP occurs at layer two with the SSID. Authentication to get an address is at layer three with the WEP key.

It used to be that if you were associated but couldn't get an address you automatically knew it was a layer three issue, usually a WEP key mismatch.

Then Cisco "fixed" it one day and you just could not associate even if the SSID was correct but the WEP key wasn't. So now you have to go back to square one to try it.

The fact that you think you are associated but cannot get an address is telling.

My questions are: are you certain you are associated to the AP in question?

If yes, then please reconfigure the WEP key and make sure you didn't mistype something or add an extra space at the end etc...

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Re: PDA WLAN client have ip address

One thing strange is that the other clients connections and communications are good, but some PDA device is shown ip address on AP's association info. I think the wep key setting is correct. The WEP KEY Hexa of capital letter or small letter is affect to encrytion AP with WLAN Devices?

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