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Per User Rate Limiting


I wanted to implement User Rate limiting for the Guest. I have seen the different implementation method where in we can Rate Limit Per SSID , or Rate limit Per USer  i.e. each user is assigned a permanent BW say 1 Mbps.

My requirement is that I dont want to give each user a Fixed BW , but variable BW , i.e User 1 gets 1 Mbps , USer 2 gets 500 Kbps etc.

How can I achieve this.

I am using Cisco WLC 5508 with 7.4.100 WLC code and ACS 5.4.

Any ideas.                  

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Per User Rate Limiting

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Re: Per User Rate Limiting

I don't think you can assign a variable bandwidth policy per user like what you explained. What would be the reason you want this? Many of my installs that the customer wants to limit bandwidth, I have either decided to use per ssid or per user and this depends on the internet pipe they have. When I have customers ask me if certain people can get more bandwidth, I ask why and it's typically the "Special" people who write the checks. Well then out them on their own ssid and be done with it. Guest are guest and one shouldn't have to have a different policy than another or else your design for that device ssid is not properly thought out.

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