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Ping 892w router


I'm a student in an engineering school and I'm not really familiar with IOS.

I'm working on wireless for my training course.

I am only trying to ping my router from a PC with wireless card at the moment.

I can see the AP from the computer, doing a scan.

But I didn't succeed with the bridge (even with the huge docu found in this site).

I think the problem is between interfaces GigabitEthernet0 (AP if) and vlan (Router inside if). Is this it ?

I dont want to use DHCP since I put the addresses.

I'm quite a newbie in network too, that's why I have hard time doing this.

Well, any helps will be helpful.

Cisco Employee

Re: Ping 892w router

The ISR you are dealing with, you need to think of the AP and the router as two completely seperate devices connected via a switched interface.  I would need to see the router config and the AP configuration to see why you are not passing traffic.  If you can post the 'sh run' from both the router and the AP, I can take a look.



Community Member

Re: Ping 892w router

Well, thank you for your answer.
I totally forgot to say here that I finally succeed.
Since I'm now using another computer, I can't quote the commands but I will.

I wanted to explain those, though I just have to translate what I wrote in french...

NB : If I've made some english mistakes, you can say it !

Cisco Employee

Re: Ping 892w router

No problem. The important thing is that you got it up and running.


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