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POE Status Alarms

We're in the middle of deploying a large number of 3702i APs connected to 2960X stacks. The APs are managed via 5508 WLCs (v8 software) and PI v2.1 and everything was working as expected until a UPS shutdown was required. After power was restored and the stacks powered up we were inundated with message from PI saying:


1. Alarm Condition:POE status

Message: Access point 'AP001' associated with controller 'WLC01' draws low power from Ethernet. Failure reason: 'The AP draws 15.4 watts from Ethernet'.


Everything is set pretty much default currently with CDP enabled everywhere. A shut / no shut on the AP switch port fixes it (at least the messages stop for that AP) however I can see no difference anywhere before and after.


Show power inline on the interface gives the following output both before and after shutting the interface.

 Interface: Gi1/0/1
 Inline Power Mode: auto
 Operational status: on
 Device Detected: no
 Device Type: cisco AIR-CAP3702I-
 IEEE Class: 4
 Discovery mechanism used/configured: Unknown
 Police: off

 Power Allocated
 Admin Value: 30.0
 Power drawn from the source: 16.8
 Power available to the device: 16.8

 Actual consumption
 Measured at the port: 6.5
 Maximum Power drawn by the device since powered on: 6.6

 Absent Counter: 0
 Over Current Counter: 0
 Short Current Counter: 0
 Invalid Signature Counter: 0
 Power Denied Counter: 0

 Power Negotiation Used: CDP
 LLDP Power Negotiation --Sent to PD--      --Rcvd from PD--
   Power Type:          -                    -
   Power Source:        -                    -
   Power Priority:      -                    -
   Requested Power(W):  -                    -
   Allocated Power(W):  -                    -

Any thoughts?

Hall of Fame Super Gold

I am suspecting it's a bug

I am suspecting it's a bug with PI 2.1.

Cisco Employee
New Member

Yes, looked at that one but

Yes, looked at that one but didn't seem to match, we already have CDP enabled etc. The curious thing is if you connect an AP to an operating switch there's no issues however if the switch is powered on with AP's attached, we get these messages until the switch port is cycled.

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