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Power Injector / MAC Address question

I'm installing a Cisco AP with a power injector. I'm trying to figure out how to find out the mac address of the switch port the AP will be connected to? I've read over several posts here that all talk about solving my problem by setting the power settings in the AP config, but I just cant figure out where to find this mac address for the switch port. any help appreciated.

======notes from documentation that I'm referring to=======

"The injector H.H.H portion of the command specifies that a power injector supplies power to the AP, and that the AP connects to a new switch port with the indicated MAC address (H.H.H). Enter the MAC address (in xxxx.xxxx.xxxx hexadecimal format) of the new switch port where the power injector is connected."

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Re: Power Injector / MAC Address question


if you enter the command "power inline negotiation injector installed", then the AP will write into its configuration "power inline negotiation injector H.H.H" where H.H.H will be automatically replaced by the MAC-Adress of the Switch-Port.

This applies at least to Cisco switches, i'm not sure about 3rd-Party-Products.

But if you enter "show bridge", the AP should show several MAC-Adresses for Port Fa0. One of them is the MAC of the Switch ;)

I'm sorry if this didn't help. But what Switch are you using?



Re: Power Injector / MAC Address question

personally, I just use the override option. This tells the AP there is a power injector there, and it does not care what the MAC of the device behind it is.



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Re: Power Injector / MAC Address question

I found the easiest way of finding the mac address of the switch port that the AP is connected to is to console into the AP while booting it up. When it errors out because of insufficient power, the logs entries show the mac port the AP is connected to. This solved my problem.

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