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Prioritize traffic by ssid?

Is there a way traffic can be prioritized by ssid, so that the traffic authenticated to one ssid gets preference over another?  How can I guarantee performance for one ssid over another?  The code version on the controllers is They are 4404's and first generation wism's, so the choice of code version is limited.

What I need to do is insure performance for online testing for devices connected to a specific ssid.


Please ask questions if you need more information to respond.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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The easiest way to do this is

The easiest way to do this is to use Wireless QoS profiles.

The way to apply the QoS profiles to an SSID is by clicking the WLAN link and then selecting the SSID or WLAN that you would like to edit. Look for the "QoS" tab. Once on the QoS tab, select the profile you would like to use. By default, the QoS that is selected is "Silver" probably want to change that. 

You can edit the QoS profiles, but you probably won't need to.


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Even you change the QoS

Even you change the QoS profile for a SSID, it won't mark up QoS value for wireless traffic.

There is a way to mark all traffic to configured QoS profile value by disabling WMM. but that would impact 802.11n data rates. So it should be used with care.

Below will help to understand QoS & WMM relationship




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OK, thanks for clarifying

OK, thanks for clarifying that.  I thought I had read that enabling a qos profile on a wlan would apply only to specific types of traffic within the wlan (i.e. voice), not one wlan over another, and apparently that is correct, unless, as you pointed out, wmm is disabled.  I don't want to disable 802.11n rates, so I guess there isn't anything I can do to give greater weight to the testing ssid.


Thank you for the thorough explanation.



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Hi Will,Just to explain

Hi Will,

Just to explain little bit more, if your wireless client is WMM capable all wireless traffic send by that device will classify to either Voice, Video, Best Effort & Background category & set a User Priority (UP) value in wireless frame. (eg Voice - UP 6, Video - UP-5, Best Effort - UP-0 & Background - UP -1)

Depend on the QoS profile configure on your WLAN, it will state max UP equivalent DSCP value of outer CAPWAP could have on that SSID (eg if you configure Platinum it will allow upto UP-6 wireless frame to get equivalent DSCP). But if you configure WLC QoS profile to Best Effort, all higher UP value traffic (Voice, Video) cannot get any thing above DSCP CS2.

That's the reason if you WLAN use for voice, video & data, we will configure Platinum profile which allow voice traffic go to wired network as EF, & video as AF41 (if wireless client correctly marked UP values)

Below post should help you understand with more detail



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