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Problem clients - ReasonCode:Previous authentication not valid ReasonCode 2

Here i my problem... When some clients are connected on 3 SSID'S, 10 or 15 mn after, they are deauthenticated.. and they have to connect again on the SSID.

What is this ReasonCode2 ? there is always a reasonCode but i don't really know the meaning..


Thanks for your answers.



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Have you found a solution for

Have you found a solution for this problem? I am having a similar problem after upgrading to that I get the message "Previous authentication not valid ReasonCode: 2"

But I haven't found any helpful clue on Google... :( Any help is appreciated.

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Hi, No we are still blocked



No we are still blocked on this issue...


I upgraded my WLC to 8.0. It seems to be ok, i heard nothing about any problems until today :)



The meaning of the code is

The meaning of the code is ReasonCode 2: Previous authentication no longer valid (Client associated but not authorized).

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Dear All,I am running 8.0.115

Dear All,

I am running on 5508 WLC and im still experiencing this issue. 

In the WCS i am seeing "Previous Authentication Not Valid". Users disconnect time to time.

Previously I was on and I did not face many issues and the v8 is not stable as 7.4. That was my opinion.


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Hi Raphael, We have a similar

Hi Raphael,


We have a similar situation.



Can you confirm that upgrading WLC to 8.0 resolved the "Previous authentication not valid ReasonCode: 2" issue on endpoints?


Hope to get you feedback, thank you in advance.


BR, Ales

New Member

Hello Ales, As for me, the

Hello Ales,


As for me, the upgrade to 8.0 was a solution for this issue.

BUT, be carefull, I had many times the same issue regarding the 8.0 i've installed on some WLCs 5508, the WLCs reboot randomly 1 or times 2 times per week. That's strange because i didn't have this issue for all WLCs i've installed...




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Hi, Which 8.0 version are you



Which 8.0 version are you running?

We had that issue with 8.0.110 and we could only solved it after upgrading to or




New Member

Hello Vasco, I am running

Hello Vasco,


I am running version, Cisco proposed me the code but i didn't test it. But i had another issue, i got some random reboots for 2 customers who have the 5508 model (sometimes it was 1 time per week, sometimes it was 3 times...) , then i went back to which is more stable (as for me).


Did you use the "debug client <MAC address>" command over CLI to troubleshoot ? It really helps me when some clients are facing disconnection issues.


Hope this helps,



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Re: Hello Ales, As for me, the

This is caused because the memory reach the threshold permitted. ~89%. The memory is increased because CDP, you can disable it and the problem would be solved. If this is no the cause of the problem do a show process and see which is consuming more memory.

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