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Problem with LMC352

I have great problem with LMC352 card in my laptop. I`ve just bought MSI Megabook 510C. I`ve pluged in the card, windows had recognized new hardware etc... Everything`s great but Windows doesn`t see wireless connection. Troubleshoot says that card doesn`t get interrupt. There`s no conflicts. I think its cardbus controller fault - Ricoh R/RL/C5476(II) does anyone know, how to deal with it? HELP ME PLEASE! I`m desperate.


Re: Problem with LMC352

To connect to the Wireless network, you should configure the profile for your wireless connection. Profile basically defines the parameters that are required to establish the wireless connection. try creating the profile based on the Wireless network that you are trying to connect to and check if you are able to connect to the network.

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Re: Problem with LMC352

You didn`t understand me. Everything`s has been configured properly. I had wireless connection, I even checked my APs logs - there were msg that client with mac bla blba bla connected... but Windows didn`t see it. OS was acting like there was no wireless connection, card doesn`t get IP address so I couldn`t even log in to my Access Point.ACU says smth like 'card doesn`t get interrupt"

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