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problem with route configuration with wireles !

Dear sir ;

we have a network consist of a wireless 340 and 2600 router with one ethernet port and a default static route and 2900 catalyst switch with 24 ports , wireless bridge plugged through switch with RJ-45 connector and i would like to connect another wireless circuit through a different location.

my question is : what kind of route configuration on router should i make to use secondary wireless independent with primary wireless for another network and can i make a configuration for failover ( which means primary line goes down secondary one will be up ) if yes how can i accomplish this ?

Best Regards

New Member

Re: problem with route configuration with wireles !

If I understood correctly you want to have two wireless links to the same location so that if one fails the other will maintain conectivity.

You can do that two ways.

1-Configure spanning tree on the wireless bridges and that will shutdown the secondary link until the primary fails.

2-Another way is to have two routers with two ethernet ports and use a routing protocol so that when one of the links fails all traffic is routed through the other.

This is a more expensive way but has the advantage of being able to use the bandwidth of both links simultaneosly while in the first case the backup link is shutdown.

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