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Problem with the upload traffic in Cisco Ap 1200 series


I have installed a Cisco 1200 series AP and have associated three laptops at 54 Mbps PHY rate. I am doing bulk file transfer between a local server connected by a wired LAN to AP and the laptops running Fedora Linux OS.

1. For the large file downloads from server to laptops simultaneously, I see the channel bandwidth is shared among the three laptops and there are no TCP connection breaks.

2. For the large file uploads form laptops to server, I observe the one of the laptop takes the entire channel not allowing other laptops to initiate the TCP transfer. Even if somehow the transfer begin from all the three laptops, some connections stop after some time.

There seems to be some problem with the AP buffer where the TCP ACK packets are getting dropped at the AP. Is there a way to increase the AP buffer or am I missing any configuration setting in AP?


Re: Problem with the upload traffic in Cisco Ap 1200 series

What type of traffic is being passed by the client that dominates the traffic. Because delay sensitive generally takes priority. You can try configuring QoS on the access point so that a particular client doesn't otherwhelm other clients.

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