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Problems with 350AP

I have an old 350 series Acces Point running IOS 12.3.8-JEA. I configured this AP with WPA-PSK, and everything worked fine until a few days ago... My clients refuse to connect to the AP, while I didn't touch the AP. When trying to discover the network with the WinXP 'Available networks' option, the network doesn't show up. Now I have reset the AP to factory defaults, changing only the SSID, and allowing the world to connect to my AP. The network still wont show up. If I check the device it says the radio is up, and the event-log doesn't show any errors. Everything seems to work fine, but I can't connect to the AP. I noticed that once the device is started, the radio LED never blinks. How can I check that my radio is working correctly? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my network working again?



Re: Problems with 350AP

The issue may be due to the version running in AP. Upgrading the Ap TO 15 Xr2 may resolve the problem.

Debug and try to find out the issue using the commands.

debug dot11 aaa authenticator all

debug dot11 aaa authenticator state machine

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Re: Problems with 350AP

Thank you very much for your help. I will definitely try the debug command. However, I'm not sure about the software version you are referring to. AFAIK the latest IOS software for the 350 AP is the version I am running. Can you perhaps tell me where I can find the 15 Xr2 version?

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