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Problems with Aironet 350 Bridge, Cannot set role to RootBridge or NonRoot

Hello there...

first of all, hello to everyone, this is my first message here, and i'm glad that i found a place where we can discuss problems.

My company just borrowed two Aironet 350 Bridges, since we wanted to test if we could establish a connection between two LAN's in two different buildings.

The distance between these buildings is about 2 miles, but this is not important here. Of course we want to pre-configure the bridges before we set up the test scenario. After studying the documentation we knew that we wanted one bridge to act as ROOT BRIDGE and the other one acting as NON ROOT BRIDGE.

And this is exactly the problem we're having.

In the SETUP-Dialogue there is no such option available.

Let me show you what I've got:

In "Setup-->AP-Radio-->Advanced" there are these roles available:

"Radio Cell Role"



-Access Point/Root

In "Setup-->Express Setup" there are these roles available:

"Role in Radio Network"

-Root Access Point

-Repeater Access Point

-Site Survey Client

Where is Root Bridge and Non Root Bridge as talked about in the documentation?

And maybe someone can shortly describe the difference between "Radio Cell Role" and "Role in Radio Network" there a difference at all...

Since I'm new to WLAN's maybe there are some things which we forgot about.

We didn't change much about the default config so far, we just assigned static IP-Adresses (both bridges are in the same network).

What do i have to do, to be able to assign the BRIDGE and NON ROOT BRIDGE role to the bridges? Can someone give a short description what the single steps to success are?

Just for your interest, when i go to the express setup, i see the bridge's identification, which is labeled as:

Cisco 350 Series AP 12.01T

Thank you for your help!

Cisco Employee

Re: Problems with Aironet 350 Bridge, Cannot set role to RootBri

It looks alot like you have AP's there and not bridges.

If you look on the bottom on the label you will see the part number

The one is bold is the series and the one in fine print under that is the part number

For an access point you will see something like


Dont worry about the A-K9 this are details on country code options.

The X will be either 0,1 or 2 0 means no WEP 1 means 40 bit WEP and 2 means 128 bit WEP

If you have the bridge it will be the same format execpt the part number will be

AIR-BR350 all Bridges sold in countries that allow 128 bit WEP will have that option.

A access point (AP) can NOT be used as a bridge.


Re: Problems with Aironet 350 Bridge, Cannot set role to RootBri

Well, this is is exactly what I was afraid of...

You're right, it looks like we accidentally got the wrong equipment.

The one 'bridge' is a AP350-5b5946 and the other one is AP350-55d4ae.

So this does not look like bridges, does it?

Since I'm new to WLAN I checked the documentation for several hours before posting here. I was thinking about some setting beeing wrong preventing me from assigning the correct role for the 'bridge'.

Just wanted to make sure, I'm really glad you cleared things up, so I now know that we'll have to send the stuff back to get what we wanted...

Thanks for your help!


Re: Problems with Aironet 350 Bridge, Cannot set role to RootBri

Additional Information/Confusion:

I told you that in the Administration Setups I see the labels

AP350-5b5946 AND AP350-55d4ae BUT now I'm back at work and took a look at the hardware itself.

On top of the box there is written 'Cisco Aironet 350 Series Wireless Bridge'.

And on the bottom side of the 'bridge' there is a label on which is printed

'AIR-BR350 Series'


And then the ID-Code on a second label attached below the other label saying:


But the setup in the browser says 'Cisco 350 Series AP 12.01T' and 'AP350-5b5946'.

Please help me out here, right now I don't understand a thing...

Maybe I have a bridge on which an AccessPoint-Firmware has been flashed?

The labels say Bridge, but the setup says AP....what is it?

Thanx for your help...

Cisco Employee

Re: Problems with Aironet 350 Bridge, Cannot set role to RootBri

There was a limited number of bridges afftect by a similar problem, please see this field notice

If your bridges have one of these serial numbers then you will need to contact the TAC to have these replaced via the RMA process.

If you have borrowed these bridges then the owner will need to do this

A bridge "should not" start up if AP firmware has been loaded onto it. Cisco will only support the use of the the correct firmware and if you load the incorrect firmware you may render the device unservicable.

If the serial number of these bridges is not listed in the field notice please open a TAC case on them, once again if you have borrowed these devices then the owner will need to do this.

What you are seeing is NOT normal operation.

I hope this helps



Re: Problems with Aironet 350 Bridge, Cannot set role to RootBri

David, thanks a lot, i think you figured out, what the problem is.

The thing is we borrowed the equipment from CISCO, just to test if we could establish a connection between two of our company's buildings.

I guess we'll have to talk about that!

Thanks again, this was especially for Aironet 350 Bridge newbies a problem hard to discover.

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