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Problems with Client Adapter Radio f/w 4.25.30?

Has anyone faced problems when using all the latest drivers and firmware from the Cisco Aironet 350 Bundle 2 for Windows98?

I recently upgraded my driver to v8.2.3, my ACU to v5.02.005, my Client Adapter radio f/w to 4.25.30 and my AP f/w to 11.21. However, my client adapter seems to get disassociated after a few seconds. Checking on the AP, it says that the user has been "disassociated due to inactivity".

When I downgrade my adapter radio f/w to 4.25.23, client and AP associates without problems.

Anyone else facing this problem?


Re: Problems with Client Adapter Radio f/w 4.25.30?

I haven't seen that issue yet. Here's some open caveats in that version worth looking at:

Make sure to follow the upgrade procedure at: You can also try to remove the driver completely from device manager and let windows redetect it on a reboot, then install the drivers.

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Re: Problems with Client Adapter Radio f/w 4.25.30?

I am having the exact same problem. I followed the upgrade procedure for both, the PC card and for the firmware on my non-root bridge. I get the same message on my root bridge with respect to the laptop user or the non-root bridge. Have you had any luck resolving this issue?

There is a timer associated with each connection to the AP, as per the help file:

These settings determine the number of seconds the device continues to track an inactive device depending on its class. A setting of 0 tells the device to track a device indefinitely, no matter how long it is inactive. A setting of 300 equals 5 minutes; 1800 equals 30 minutes; 28800 equals 8 hours.

So, is it broken? Yes..

You could set it to 0 and let the AP track the connection regardless of how long it just sits there. I was under the assumption that keepalives were sufficient and that this setting only applied to machines that were powered off and were not allowed to send a link termination message...

That config area is under ASSOCIATIONS/ADVANCED...


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Re: Problems with Client Adapter Radio f/w 4.25.30?

I have the exact same problem. I got a new laptop and installed my 350 pc card. While I was at it, I deceided to install the latest everything both to the AP and the card. It associates for a few seconds and then disassociates. I figured it was some kind of problem with XP pro, however this same card works in other non-XP machines. I too downloaded to a different radio firmware (4.25.23) and got the same results. I just assumed it was a bug in 4.25.30. Sorry I'm late to the discussion, just joined.

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Re: Problems with Client Adapter Radio f/w 4.25.30?

Hmmm...are you by any chance using power-save mode? If so, try turning it to CAM.

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