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Provisioning Access Points from box

Does any body know where I can find a step by step guide for provisioning of Cisco wireless access points? Can we do everthing remotely without touching them from the box?

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Re: Provisioning Access Points from box

I think the IPSU tool is what I need.

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Re: Provisioning Access Points from box

If they are lightweight then a resounding yes. Configured either (or both) DHCP and DNS for your controller info. The suckers will get DHCP addresses and associate with a controller.

With autonomous then you could probably get it fairly close to no touch with the WLSE, but I wouldn't go down the WLSE route today, I think that it may be or is rapidly approaching end of life.

It it is just a matter of not wanting to do confurations on the devices until they are hung you can do that pretty easily. They will get IP addresses via DHCP, and assuming they are plugged into Cisco switches you can get the IP of the devices via CDP. You would have to configure them (if autonomous.)

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