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Public internet access using the WLC 5508

we have installed our first wlc 5508 and all is working fine.  Now we wish to add a vlan that will

allow users to access the public internet.  Our Internet provider has install a wireless router with direct access to the internet.  In the past we were using autonomous AP's and would just trunk the connection to the AP's, create a vlan and ssid for the Internet and all was well, the user received an IP address from the providers's router and off the internet they would go, seperate from our private network.   With the WLC 5508, how would we set this type of configuration?


Re: Public internet access using the WLC 5508

Just create a dynamic interface on the controller for the VLAN you want to dump the guest user's traffic into.  Then create your guest WLAN and map this WLAN to the dynaimic interface you just created.

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Re: Public internet access using the WLC 5508

so go  on the wlc:




add name of Public Access

vlan will be 2

Should I check the gurest vlan box?

what about the IP address info, in the pass, the provider's router supplied that to the clients.

create the wlan

make the interface public access

no security



Re: Public internet access using the WLC 5508

You would not check the guest access box.  This is for a wired guest VLAN, not wireless clients.

You will also have to give the interface an IP. The router would still be the default gateway, the controller's interface just has to have an IP in the subnet.

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Re: Public internet access using the WLC 5508

Have setup everything up and will see and can attach to the new public ssid.  Problem is that i can not get an ip address from the router.  the wlc is setup :

if i plug my laptop into a port setup for vlan 2, i will get an ip address and work fine.  It is like vlan 2 is not passing through the wlc.  I have added vlan 2 to the trunk to the wlc.  any ideas?

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